Play Octopus is Launching Miami

Octopus is launching in Miami

We’re flying south and launching Miami just in time for winter! Complete your application to become one of the first Octopus drivers in the Sunshine State!

Spread the news with your rideshare friends in Miami and receive a $25 referral bonus for every new driver! Be sure to share your code or link!

Featured Octopus Drivers: Fall 2019

Featured Drivers
Featured Drivers

Play Octopus is an amazing group of passionate rideshare drivers, and we are proud to know so many of you! Today, we are highlighting drivers in the Octopus community who have not only clocked a huge amount of hours with their Octopus tablet, but have also embraced the entire community by spreading the word about Octopus, showing up for events and hosting meetups, giving advice to other drivers, and much more! We appreciate ALL of you and hopefully you’ve noticed the badges we awarded last week, but we wanted to give a handful of shout-outs today.

Check out the Fall Featured Drivers categories below to see who made the list:

Congrats to these impressive drivers! They have earned 10,000 driver points by giving hundreds of passenger trips and encouraging their passengers to Play Octopus. Keep up the awesome work, road warriors!

  • Shawn H. (Washington D.C.)
  • Damian S. (Washington D.C.)
  • Zafar K. (Washington D.C.)
  • Derrick L. (Washington D.C.)
  • Jamion B. (Washington D.C.)
  • James L. (Philadelphia)
  • Rei H. (Philadelphia)
  • Thomas H. (Philadelphia)
  • Marc R. (Baltimore)
  • Benny T. (Philadelphia)
  • William K. (Philadelphia)
  • D P. (Washington D.C.)
  • Rodolfo C. (Washington D.C.)
Driver of the Month

Each of these drivers has been crowned an Octopus Driver of the Month based on a combination of most games played, points earned, and ads clicked:

  • Derrick L. (Washington D.C.)
  • Cosmin P. (Philadelphia)
  • Randy B. (Philadelphia)
  • Dave K. (Washington D.C.)
  • Rei H. (Philadelphia)
  • Dimitar T. (Boston)
  • Albert V. (New York)
  • Christos V. (Boston)
  • Younes M. (Philadelphia)
  • Daniel W. (Austin)
  • Ryo O. (Boston)
  • Gustav G. (Washington D.C.)
  • Ronaldo GP (Washington D.C.)
  • Yama R. (Richmond)
  • Brien C. (Baltimore)
  • Frederick M. (Chicago)
Driver Council

Driver Council is a small group of individuals selected by the Octopus team who have repeatedly provided helpful feedback, advice, and information about the rideshare industry as well as the Play Octopus tablet and overall experience. Thanks to Terry A., Daniel S., Conan M. for your continued help! 

We also wanted to give a shout out to our Summer 2019 OctoPros. OctoPros were brand ambassadors / driver meetup hosts that were selected through an application process. Thanks to our OctoPros that helped host at least one driver meetup this summer:
  • DMV – David S.
  • Baltimore – Phillip L., Jamall R.
  • NYC – John T.
  • Boston – Max C., Keith M.
  • Austin – Erica W. , Erick H.
  • Houston – Segun A., Jenora A., Kilian A.
  • Philadelphia – Angie D.

There are MANY more achievements and milestones we’d love to recognize, which is why we introduced our driver badge program in addition to our regular points & payouts system. Visit your driver dashboard to check out more personalized goals and milestones you have reached! 

All badges you earn will appear on the homepage of your driver dashboard within 24 hours of reaching the milestone.* If you have multiple badges in one category, the badges will stack together to save space. Simply tap the top badge to view all other badges you retroactively earned. 

*If you do not see badges you have earned on your dashboard yet, you may need to log out and log back in or clear your cache.

Play Octopus is Launching Seattle and Las Vegas

Play Octopus is Launching Seattle and Las Vegas

Seattle and Las Vegas – Octopus is cruisin’ into town! Octopus is very excited to announce we are launching in the Emerald City and Vegas. Share the news with any of your rideshare friends in these cities and get them on the road with Octopus. Be sure to use your referral code or link!

Launching Los Angeles and Chicago

Octopus launching LA and Chicago
Play Octopus launching LA and Chicago

Los Angeles and Chicago – Octopus is rolling into town! Octopus is very excited to announce our expansion to the midwest and west coast. Share the news with any of your rideshare friends in these cities and get them on the road with Octopus. Be sure to use your referral code or link!

Current Play Octopus advertising markets

Launching San Antonio

Octopus is now launching San Antonio
Octopus is now launching San Antonio

We’re spreading our tentacles to San Antonio! We would love your help sharing the Octopus opportunity as we liftoff in San Antonio. Let your friends know how much you love your tablet, and start racking up the referral bonuses in our newest city! 

City Face Off

Octo city face off logo
Octo city face off logo

Get your riders to play the most games Fri-Sun to help your city win! We’ll be looking at the games played PER DRIVER (so smaller and larger cities have an EQUAL chance!) to determine a winner. The city matchups are below:

    • Houston vs Austin
    • New York City vs Boston
    • Philadelphia vs Washington DC
    • Richmond vs Baltimore

One randomly-selected driver from each winning city will get $100! Drivers must have driven this weekend and had games played to be eligible. Winning cities and drivers announced Monday afternoon.



Octo Madness!

Octo madness logo
Octopus Octo Madness sign

It’s time for Octo Madness, our version of a “bracket” where you can win $500 just for driving. Your riders are your “team” and every game point they score, you score! Every driver who makes it to the final round will get a small prize, and one lucky driver will win the $500 grand prize. Go here for all the details and official rules.

Gridwise – How This Driver Uses a Free Tablet to Make $150 + in Tips Every Month

Gridwise promotion to make $150+ a month in tips
Gridwise promotion to make $150+ a month in tips

2/13/2019 – By Ryan – Original Article

Last week I had the chance to chat with Terry, a rideshare driver that is based out of Harrisburg Pennsylvania, but regularly drives in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

“I frequently drive up to New York City, so when I’m on my way up I’ll turn the app on and pick up a few riders and gradually move closer and closer to NYC. Says Terry. “It’s not uncommon for the 3-hour drive to turn into 14 hours, but the drive pays for itself!”

I love this strategy, but what I love even more is hearing about the $150+ in tips that Terry makes every month…

Yep $150+ in tips every month because of a tablet called Play Octopus

I had to know his secrets, so Terry was kind enough to open up and tell me about how he’s using Play Octopus to make more than $150 in tips every month.

What is Play Octopus

The first thing that I had to ask Terry was what in the world Play Octopus is.

Well, it turns out it’s pretty cool. Play Octopus is game tablet built as a way to help rideshare drivers entertain their passengers.

Rideshare drivers simply apply to receive a FREE tablet (yes I said free). After drivers install the tablet in the backseat of their car, passengers can easily hop in and play during their ride!

“Riders see the tablet in the backseat and love it.” says Terry. “People will start to play the free games and generally loosen up and start to engage with me.” Passengers also have the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card if they achieve the highest score of the day.

The games on the tablet are free, so the passengers will see some ads of course, but Play Octopus also shares some of that revenue with drivers. Terry says Octopus pays him up to $100 per month.

An extra $100 per month for doing almost nothing is great, but the real money comes from the tips.

How is Terry Earning $150+ in Tips Each Month?

Terry has always worked to boost his ratings and tip income, and he says the key is building a relationship with your passenger.

“I’ve always had a good relationship with passengers which means I’ve had a good rating,” says Terry. “That starts with what I do before I ever go pick up a passenger.

You see, step 1 in Terry’s master plan for boosting his tip income is to send each passenger that he picks up a prebuilt text that tells them who he is, what car he is driving, and that tips aren’t required but are appreciated.

This text has three main benefits. One, it lets your passenger know what car to look out for so that there is less time wasted texting back and forth saying “where are you”. Two, it shows your passengers that you are accommodating and care enough to make sure they know what car to look out for. And three, it gently broaches the subject of tips so it’s in the minds of your passengers from the moment they get in the car.

Now that it’s on their mind, drivers just need to earn their tip, and that’s where Play Octopus comes in.

“Passengers almost immediately engage in some way with the tablet.” says Terry “They’ll start playing games, which opens up a conversation that turns into engaging them in a deeper conversation, which turns into passengers liking me as a person. People tip drivers that they like.”

Play Octopus is a relationship builder. It’s an easy way to deliver value to a passenger that takes walls down and allows drivers to engage more with passengers, and that engagement leads to more and more tips.

How much do drivers make with Play Octopus?

Drivers earn money with Play Octopus through tips, cash rewards when passengers play a game, and referral bonuses for sharing Play Octopus with fellow rideshare drivers.

Play Octopus drivers can receive a cash reward of up to $100 per month depending on how much you drive, but the bulk of your payout will come in the form of tips from passengers. Our friend Terry is making $150 more per month in tips with Play Octopus than he was before he installed Play Octopus.

That’s about $250 more per month that Terry is making by simply adding a free tablet to his car and keeping it charged.

Easy money!

How can drivers get started

Getting started with Play Octopus is easy, and best of all, FREE!

All drivers need to do is sign up with the service and within a few days, you’ll receive a tablet in the mail. From there, simply place it in your car and start driving.

There’s no restocking and no maintenance. So it’s a no brainer.

Go grab your free Play Octopus tablet and put up to $300 more per month in your pocket today!