How it Works

Octo Madness is a 3 round elimination tournament starting on March 17. Passenger game points scored on the tablet will determine your contest rank (similar to how the new ticket raffle system on the tablet works). For example, if a PAX scores 12 on Picture trivia and 13 on Octo Says, you will earn 25 Tournament Points*. 

At the end of each round, drivers that do not make the cutoff will be automatically eliminated and will not advance. The final 888 drivers will receive an exclusive Octo Madness Badge added to your Driver Profile.


Stay up to date on your tournament rank here

Round One

Tournament start 
All Octopus drivers are automatically entered

End of 1st Round
Qualified cutoff: 8,000 drivers

Round Two

Start 2nd Round

End of 2nd Round
Qualified cutoff: >4,000 drivers

Round Three

Start 3rd Round 

Qualified cutoff: 888 drivers

*tournament points are NOT applicable or associated with Octopus Driver account tablet payments.