Our tablets command the attention of millions of consumers every month. This reach is offered to the world’s top brands at a premium price. However, we believe that such a powerful voice shouldn’t be restricted to those with a handsome marketing budget. Which is why we started Give8.

Our Give8 initiative dedicates 8% of our advertising space to charitable organizations and causes. It’s our way of doing what we can to make a positive impact on our world. Check out some of our Give8 partners below and apply for your organization/cause to be featured…

Go Vote


We reminded riders and drivers to get out and vote! This non-partisan video simply encouraged participation in the civic process.


(February 2019)

ForestPlanet is a 501(c)3 organization that supports large scale, low cost-per-tree reforestation efforts all over the world. They help plant trees in regions where they have the greatest positive impact on the soil, the environment, local habitat, and communities in peril. Donate today and help plant new trees for as little as $0.10 each.

Play Octopus encouraged riders to donate to ForestPlanet and join the organization’s mailing list.

Children's National Brainy Camps

(March 2019)

Children’s National Brainy Camps helps youth with chronic health conditions live well and reach their potential. They advance these goals through their weeklong condition-specific residential summer camps, as well as through year-round support and leadership programs.

Their programs provide children with chronic illnesses the opportunities to meet peers, mentors and counselors with the same conditions and discover that they are not alone in the world. Learn more here.

Play Octopus shares this organization’s mission with millions of riders, and encourages donations to help more children attend camps.

Luke's Wings

(April 2019)

Luke’s Wings, a non-profit dedicated to the support of wounded, ill and injured service members, provides families with the means to visit during recovery and rehabilitation. Learn more here.

Play Octopus encouraged riders to donate to this great cause.


Do you have an organization or cause you’d like to feature on Octopus? Please complete the application form below and we will be in touch if it looks like the right fit!

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