The Leader In Rideshare Advertising and Entertainment

Octopus Interactive is a video advertising platform inside Uber and Lyft vehicles. We reach millions of consumers in a captive and highly engaged setting.

Reach Rideshare Passengers

Octopus Interactive is the largest network of rideshare entertainment screens in the nation.

Unmatched Engagement

With over 1,500,000 touches per day, Octopus ads see higher engagement rates compared to other publishers.

Premium Video Placement

Octopus tablet 100% video completion screen

Full Audio |​ HD 1080p video | 100% Completion Rate | 100% Viewability |​ Interactive

Octopus values the passenger experience and does not allow ads from the following categories:
Politics | Violence | Tobacco | Illegal Activities | Adult Content | Bail Bonds


Increase the frequency or change content based on vehicle location

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Top-of-funnel branding with bottom-of-funnel call to action
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Real-Time Analytics

Your dashboard provides access to real-time analytics, video plays, total airtime, CTA metrics, passenger reach and passenger engagement

Select Partners

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