Wow Your Passengers!

More tips, better ratings, cash earnings

Wow Your Passengers!

More tips, better ratings, cash earnings

Our Tablets

Octopus tablets enhance the rideshare experience with games and passenger entertainment. We also run short ads to help provide drivers with FREE tablets, data, and accessories, plus cash earnings. Check out this video to see it in action:

Upgrade Your Rideshare With Octopus

If you give over 100 rides a Month you qualify for the latest in rideshare entertainment

Higher Earnings

Higher Uber and Lyft Earnings

Get more tips plus earn
monthly cash payouts.

Higher Driver Ratings

Earn higher Uber and Lyft Driver Ratings

Games make rides more fun
and boost your ratings.

Better Conversations

Connect better with you Uber and Lyft passengers

Connect with passengers
like never before.


Happy Passengers = Happy Drivers. But, don’t take our word for it. Check out what all our rideshare driver partners have to say about Octopus!

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Engaging Games

Exciting games with the chance to win daily cash prizes

Driver Extras

Uber and Lyft Driver Tips appreciated

Reminders to tip, Driver Profiles, etc

Local Ads

Washington Nationals advertisement
Short ads allow us to provide FREE tablets and give drivers cash rewards

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